Measuring results: the demand-side revolution

Upside down world

An excellent TV show this week followed a British midwife who worked for a fortnight in a Liberian hospital. The first thing she did was turn on two shiny new incubators that UNICEF had provided. They hadn’t trained the staff how to use them.

My wife was shocked: how could such expensive kit be provided without training? After years in aid, I wasn’t so surprised. It’s a familiar story, coming down to the incentives that shape how aid agencies actually run projects. Continue reading

Value for money – part one

I just posted this blog in response to Steve Tibbett’s piece on value for money.

Thanks very much for the post, Steve. I agree with a lot of what you say about how difficult it is to work out value for money in NGO work. A lot of what matters most is hard to measure and doesn’t happen in a simple way. Results can take years to emerge. Continue reading