Five lessons from the UK’s Independent Commission on Aid Impact

Traffic lightThe UK’s Independent Commission on Aid Impact (ICAI) published another fascinating review of DFID’s work this month. It’s well worth a look, for their methods as much as their findings.

This one was on DFID’s Contribution to the Reduction of Child Mortality in Kenya. (Good summary here from the Guardian.)

It builds on an impressive few years work. ICAI have developed a sensitive approach to systematically assessing a wide range of programmes. And some practical tools others in the sector may be able to learn from. Their work is not perfect. But it’s the result of a lot of thoughtful investment and looks pretty good from the outside. Continue reading

Owen Barder: Could Britain’s New Aid Transparency be a Game-Changer?

Owen BarderThis is a re-blog from a post by Owen Barder of the Center for Global Development on 7th December 2012. It describes how DFID is substantially improving aid transparency. Their leadership lays down a challenge to all major NGOs to follow suit.

Christmas came early yesterday for anyone interested in seeing more effective and accountable aid, with an announcement from DFID which has raised the bar for aid transparency. Continue reading

Payment by results: coming to a project near you

KPMG: Rock solid

In June 2010, KPMG published a report called Payment for Success. It was about how to reform UK public services, by shifting power from the supply side to customers. It was rock solid in its conclusions:

“Payment by results should be implemented across the public sector without exception – where it exists already, it should be made more forceful and sophisticated, where it does not exist, it should be introduced with very limited transitional periods.” Continue reading

Value for money – part two: DFID, OECD & ODI

I just watched a live streamed ODI / ActionAid event on Aid effectiveness and value for money. It was fascinating, tackling value for money at the level of government aid agencies like DFID. There are real similarities with the debate among NGOs. Continue reading

Value for money – part one

I just posted this blog in response to Steve Tibbett’s piece on value for money.

Thanks very much for the post, Steve. I agree with a lot of what you say about how difficult it is to work out value for money in NGO work. A lot of what matters most is hard to measure and doesn’t happen in a simple way. Results can take years to emerge. Continue reading