ngoperformance is written by me, Alex Jacobs. Since 2011, I’ve been Director of Programme Quality at Plan International. Email me on alex(at)ngoperformance.org or leave a comment on the site.

It is based on twenty years experience of working with NGOs on development and humanitarian issues, including:

  • I am a member of the Task Team on Humanitarian Effectiveness for the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit.
  • I was Mango‘s founding director, leading the award-winning organisation for nine years. I worked with many NGOs, carrying out evaluations for ActionAid and the DEC, creating the Who Counts? campaign and co-leading the Listen First project.
  • I spent three years working and managing projects in Africa, particularly Rwanda, DRC and Zimbabwe, mostly with Oxfam GB.
  • For a couple of years, I was Keystone‘s Research Director, developing practical ways of measuring performance with ALINe and the Institute for Development Studies for clients including Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation grantees.
  • I’ve held visiting fellowships at Oxford and Duke Universities, working on accountability and performance in NGOs, and taught at other universities including Liverpool, INSEAD & Cass.
  • I spent six months as a donor with the Joffe Charitable Trust. advising on making grants to NGOs and developing overall policy. I’m still a trustee for the Trust.
  • I sat on Oxfam GB‘s audit committee for six years, was a trustee of Bond for six years and was a trustee of Link Community Development for eight years.
  • In January 2011, I was elected to HAP‘s board as an independent member – though I had to step down when I joined Plan.
  • I’ve been involved in sector wide initiatives, including: Bond’s Effectiveness Programme, chairing Bond’s Quality Group, helping draft the 2007 HAP standard and sitting on an ESRC funding panel.
  • I have a degree in social anthropology and am a qualified chartered management accountant, starting my career with PwC. I believe in participation and management!


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  • “Creating the missing feedback loop”, IDS Bulletin 41.6, Nov 2010. Summary available here.
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