Great new job: lead Plan’s work on feedback systems

I’m delighted that here at Plan International, we’re recruiting for a Community Feedback Specialist. It’s a great opportunity, based in the UK. Deadline: 6th July.

For me, Plan’s turning out to be a great place to work. There’s senior support for improving programme systems and there’s space (and resources) to trial new approaches. And there are dedicated and experienced colleagues to work with all round the world.

We’ve come together around a performance based agenda. This means (a) making field managers’ jobs more manageable and (b) focusing on the value that we add to other people’s efforts – making sure we consistently listen and respond to them. Feedback systems seem to offer real potential for this. This job is an outstanding opportunity to test that, for instance by designing and leading field pilots. It could – and should – be cutting edge work in monitoring development efforts.

We’re looking for someone with a great understanding of participatory practices in development, and experience of customer satisfaction methods and management systems. Someone with real energy for improving how NGOs monitor their work.

I believe it’s a wonderful opportunity. Please follow the link and apply on line if you think this could be the job for you. Come and join us!

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