Sign the petition: Make Aid Transparent

A great campaign, launched today, calls on governments to make their aid transparent. I’ve just signed it. Will you? It will actively help make sure that aid is used better.

Make Aid Transparent on Vimeo.

The petition urges donor governments to publish data about how they spend their aid using the new International Aid Transparency Initiative standard. It’s a serious and well thought through approach.

NGOs can also publish details of their expenditure using the same standard. They should, for two main reasons.

Firstly, to improve the big picture of what aid money is available where, to do what. This would help everyone involved make better decisions about tackling poverty.

Secondly, to provide legitimacy when they call for governments to adopt the standard. Some NGOs are as big as official government donors. They should be as transparent.

The Make Aid Transparent campaign is supported by a coalition of NGOs including: ActionAid International, Global Witness, Oxfam International, Save the Children UK, SightSavers and Tearfund.

Will they lead the way and adopt the IATI standard themselves?

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  1. Update: It turns out David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, agrees. At his speech to the Global Alliance on Vaccines & Immunisation on 13th June he said:

    “From the beginning of the next financial year, any NGO that receives funding from the UK must publish what they do, where they get their money and where it goes.”

    That’ll change the game.


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